Inside Matt’s Studio: The Ultimate Vocal Warm-Down


It’s happened to all of us: you’ve been speaking all day, or you go on a night out, or you stretch for that top note, and…

BAM. Voice gone. You might feel like something’s stuck in your throat. Or something’s grating every time you speak. Or for singers, you might feel your head voice has vanished or diminished.

People understand warming up, but what they don’t understand is warming down. This is just as important. Just as your biceps tense up after too much exercise, so do your vocal folds. If you leave that tension to settle in, you’ll lose your voice. Because so often, people lose their voice the day after their big gig, not the day itself.

That’s because the tension has been left to settle in, it’s that bedding-in period that does the damage.

So we need to catch that tension before it embeds itself too deeply into your voice. And this exercise, done with my female student ‘I’, is a killer. It both relaxes the extrinsic muscles of the larynx and helps to chill out the vocal folds.


Above, you can see a diagram of the muscles around the larynx, just to help orient you. The larynx is the white bit, and the muscles we’re working on are the red bits. Best of luck!

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