Finding Helen’s Chest Voice (Episode 2)


In the last episode, me and Helen were looking for her chest voice. She had, and has, a stunning top range which was capable of great expression and versatility. But where was her chest voice?

The problem was most noticeable in the middle of her voice. The middle C to the G above it – territory usually held by the chest voice in female voices – had been invaded. She was beginning her head voice at almost the lowest point possible, where it was barely more than a whimper.

But why was her chest voice not able to fight back? It had been routed by a persistent and pernicious habit: that she began the start of her notes too softly.

This exercise helps to firm up the beginning of chest voice notes, while making sure they don’t get pushed hard enough to harm the voice or create bad habits. It also contains reference to the puppy exercise – so here’s a puppy!


And, just in case you don’t get the reference:

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